The Lazarus Institute (TLI) is a resource center, incubator and network that delivers practical content developed for those catalyzing existing congregations and start-ups in the Anglican Communion.

TLI accomplishes the task of delivering its content of eight practical learning modules to its participants in six unique atmospheres. TLI also provides a Discovery Center where those discerning to become catalysts of existing congregations or start-ups can be evaluated for these unique undertakings. 

TLI is located in the single most ethnically diverse square mile in the Anglican Communion at St. James, Elmhurst, NY, USA, where more than 180 nations are represented, which positions TLI very well for its international vision.

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Version 1.1

Module 4 has been updated!

Version 1.2

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Version 1.3

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Version 1.4

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Version 1.5

Module 4 has been updated!

Understanding Community: The Three Essential Layers of Community

This module will look at the sociological implications of community—the essential layers of community that every congregation must find a way to understand and activate and how each layer functions.


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